4 Reasons Why Bali Is the Best Island

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Bali has been nominated as the most popular tourist destination in the world again. Bali has remarkable beauty that may attract visitors from all over the world, in addition to gorgeous villas such as Bali villa management company.

The magical island of Bali, which never fails to charm those who have experienced its entrancing grandeur, was once again crowned the Best Island in the World by the DestinAsianReaders’ Choice Award (RCA) 2017.

Enjoy the sunshine on this lovely island’s exquisite white sand or dive around coral reefs or the vibrant WWII shipwrecks to get up and personal with tropical fish. Here are the actual explanations for why Bali is still the world’s best island to visit.

Why Is Bali Such A Popular Tourist Destination?

On the beach, beautiful trees protect stone temples and playful monkeys. Ubud’s “arts capital” is ideal for seeing cultural dance performances, participating in batik or silver handicraft workshops, or rejuvenating your mind and body in a yoga session.

Balinese Spirit

Due to the many sacred icons of ancient Balinese Hinduism ingrained in the daily lives of the residents, Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. Balinese culture emphasizes harmony and balance, which is quite obvious in the several festivals, rituals, and ceremonies performed to express thanks to the Hindu God.

Indonesia has over 18,000 islands, but it is Bali’s zen-like culture that distinguishes it as an amazing and attractive vacation destination.


The traditional arts of music and performance are centered in Ubud. The city’s major streets are lined with museums, art galleries, and intriguing buildings. This place was regarded as “genuine Balinese” in early intellectual circles. It attracted numerous foreign painters in the early twentieth century.

The tourism industry has grown in recent years but the region’s religious and cultural core remains intact. There’s the beautiful Saraswati Park temple with its central lotus pond, and nature lovers can take the Monkey Forest Road to the Monkey Forest Sanctuary. While touring the complex of the temple and cemetery, which is renowned for its carvings honoring the dead, you can see long-tailed monkeys in their natural environment.

Bali Beach

With a seemingly endless coastline reaching hundreds of kilometres, Bali has dozens of magnificent white sand beaches to pick from, each with a big attraction for tourists. Surfboarding is the most popular water activity, especially among beginners and professional athletes who may be seen crashing into the ocean waves.

There are tranquil beaches in tiny fishing communities, beaches with luxury beach clubs, and, of course, beaches that serve as a base for particular surfers. Everyone goes to the amazing beach whether to surf, swim, or even sunbathe. Some people go for a morning jog or a dog walk.

Bali’s Diversity

Families can arrange suitable and comfortable accommodations while keeping the kids entertained with entertaining holiday attractions and activities, such as Monkey Forest, Bali Safari, and Marine Park.

Tourists in need of a soothing escape may feel more at ease in a calmer Balinese setting, where they will be greeted with infinite warmth by local employees who will attend to their every need.

Bali has also become a popular honeymoon destination, with a wide range of romantic picturesque hotels and private villas like in Bali Villa management company, sunset cruises, world-class restaurants, and spa treatments galore.


Over the last ten years, Bali as a small paradise island with white sandy beaches and abundant coconut palms has grown rapidly and gained immense popularity as a tourist area. Bali is a very diverse island that is popular with adventurers and those who need relaxation.

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