Best ATV Ride in Bali For Thrill-Seekers

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There are many interesting tourist activities that you can do in Bali, maybe one of them is riding an ATV. The best ATV ride in Bali will make you feel a very exciting adventure experience and while riding ATV, you can explore beautiful places with amazing natural panoramas. So that you can enjoy this exciting adventure tour safely, check out the guide for beginners.

ATV Ride in Bali

You might think that this activity is only for professionals, but it’s completely safe even if you’re a beginner. This fun, exciting, and thrilling tour can make you feel a unique and unforgettable traveling experience in Bali.

The ATV ride will take visitors around various interesting places on a 4-wheeled motorcycle. ATVs are not ordinary motorbikes, these vehicles can go through any terrain. You will pass through challenging tracks and village areas. Beautiful scenery is one of the special points of this trip.

ATV Ride Tour Provided Equipment

In the ATV ride package, most of the facilities needed by each participant are already available. ATV tour provides equipment to support the comfort and safety of ATV riders, here are some of them:


Due to the extreme route, there is a possibility that participants could fall while riding ATVs/ quad bikes, although this is only a small possibility. It would be more dangerous if riders drank alcohol before starting the adventure. As a safety measure, each participant will be given a safety helmet.

Before starting the adventure, you can choose the helmet according to the size you need. Make sure you wear a helmet that is comfortable and safe to use. As a suggestion, you can use sunglasses to avoid sun exposure and prevent eye irritation due to dust and dirt.


The ATV ride adventure is even more exciting because it will pass through muddy, wet, and challenging routes. You might not want to wear your favorite shoes while riding an ATV. Therefore, the ATV tour package will provide special boots so that you are more prepared for adventure.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of these shoes, as the material is non-absorbent and thick. Your feet will be protected with these boots, rocks and tree branches will not hurt your feet.

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Experienced Instructors

Not all visitors understand what to prepare and do in this ATV adventure activity. Therefore, the riders will be guided by experienced instructors to prepare everything. They are used to conquering various kinds of tracks with this ATV.

The instructors will help you if it is difficult to pass certain tracks. They will also start the activity by warming up together. You need to do a simulation first which will be guided by the ATV instructor. You need to do a simulation so that you can avoid circumstances that you don’t want.

Pay attention to what the instructor suggests, such as how to ride properly and safely, how to get through extreme terrain, and so on.


Safer is better, therefore, most trusted ATV ride packages provide insurance to further ensure safety. With this insurance, it can maintain the safety of the participants should they experience an unwanted incident. Keep riding safely to ensure your best experience on this ATV ride adventure.

ATV Ride Guide for Beginners

Before you go on an ATV ride, there are a few things you need to remember or at least understand well to make your exploration more exciting and fun. Check out the guide below for those of you who want to have an unforgettable experience with the best ATV ride in Bali.

Use every recommended safety gear

Every ATV tour ride participant is required to wear safety equipment, boots, and a safety helmet. But you don’t need to prepare them from home, every safety gear is already provided in the ATV tour package. By wearing a helmet, your head will be better protected if you fall off the ATV or other such incidents. Your feet will also be protected from dirty mud and the heat of the engine with boots.

Learn basic riding techniques

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll probably find it easier to ride. But the only difference is the gear shift (reverse and forward), and how to accelerate. For ATVs, the accelerate button is on the left handlebar, while as we know, this button is on the right handlebar on motorcycles.

Before starting the ATV riding activity, the instructor will explain some basic techniques. You don’t need to worry because there will be a guide on how to ride the ATV for each route.

Avoid putting your feet down

The ATV tour path is a forest path that is different from the usual road traveled by motorcycles. Putting your feet down is quite fatal when riding an ATV, and what’s more when the vehicle is still running. To control your balance, try to tilt your body in the opposite direction when the ATV is tilting.

Don’t drink alcohol

Do not ride any vehicle including ATVs if you have previously consumed alcohol. Alcohol can lower your concentration while riding and you may not be able to control the ATV properly. Then in the end it can cause unwanted incidents.

Don’t forget to prepare a change of clothes

The ATV route will pass through muddy tracks and puddles that can get you dirty. After exploring the ATV route, you need to clean yourself up. That’s why you need to bring extra clothes. Most ATV tour packages will provide toiletries and shower access.

Whatever the instructor says, you need to follow it well so that your adventure can run smoothly. Throughout the adventure, each participant will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. Do not drive the ATV at too high a speed or ride recklessly to avoid going off track.

ATV ride tour is a very fun activity and you can feel the sensation of a thrilling adventure that you may have never felt before. You will explore the forest tracks with friends and you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Riding an ATV through the stunning landscapes of Bali is an unforgettable activity. It is a thrilling activity to explore Bali. Even if you are a beginner rider, you can still enjoy this adventure that offers several skill levels. Experienced instructors will ensure your fun and safety while experiencing the best ATV ride in Bali.