Legal Challenges’ Impact on Mental Health

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Mental health is a problem faced in the modern world. This mental health disease poses a significant threat to society, especially to individuals.

Mental illnesses often arise in a person due to various factors, ranging from stress, life problems, and depression to many other things. This kind of problem needs creative solutions for legal problems. The government is making a lot of noise about emergency services for anyone who has this kind of mental problem.

Mental Health and Legal Challenges

If we refer to data originating from basic health research conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2018, it shows that the prevalence of people with serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia/psychosis has increased from 0.15% to 0.18%.

Meanwhile, the prevalence of people with emotional mental disorders, which occurs in the population aged 15 years and over, has increased from 6.1% in 2013 data, then increased to 9.8% in 2018. That means, there are around 12 million people. Indonesians aged 15 years and over are already suffering from depression.

One of the impacts arising from advances in digital technology and also from the development of social media in the current era is the increasing number of cases of mental health problems, which are mainly related to addiction to the use of gadgets.

Several studies carried out by themselves, many of which¬†state that excessive use of social media can cause something dangerous for mental health, because this can later cause problems, such as depression. Increased use of social media is also associated with an increase in a person’s Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression/CES-D score, or a depression scale, of approximately 9%.

Impact of Legal Challenges on Mental Health

On this occasion, what we will discuss is the impact of legal challenges on mental health. Many of us may not understand the impact that a legal challenge can have on a person, which can cause problems with their mental health. This kind of problem needs creative solutions for legal problems like this. Let’s see what the impacts are, so you know better.

1. Experiencing Severe Mental Pressure

Experiencing severe mental stress is one of the impacts that legal challenges can have on individuals. This arises as a result of the pressure faced by someone, as a result of the actions they take. This pressure can arise due to shame, or it can even arise due to the shock experienced after being sued. A variety of factors can cause quite severe mental stress on a person, especially for those who may be facing legal challenges.

2. Depression

This is one of the things related to mental health that can also occur due to legal challenges. Depression is experienced by an individual because of feelings of pressure. From these feelings of depression, depression problems eventually arise which can affect a person’s mental health. Depression usually occurs in people who are also experiencing legal challenges.

3. Mental Disorders

This is one of the impacts that can occur as a result of legal challenges. Mental disorders are an impact that is usually experienced by an individual due to stress and feelings of guilt for what they have done. Mental disorders can also originate from sanctions imposed by society, and result in a person’s mental shock. This is what ultimately makes a person reach the level of mental disorder.

Why Can’t People with Mental Disorders Be Subject to Legal Challenges?

Of course, several quite creative solutions can be used to solve the legal problems faced. Of course, one way is to do therapy. Most people who have legal challenges and experience mental health disorders will eventually receive treatment and therapy.

For now, this is a pretty good and creative solution to overcome legal problems. So, people who have mental disorders can still receive their rights as human beings. There are several reasons why people with mental health problems cannot accept legal challenges, which of course are stated in the laws that apply in a country.

1. Emotionally Unstable

People with mental health problems are people who have unstable emotions. Unstable emotions and a tendency to be more impulsive occur due to the brain’s lack of ability to work properly. So this causes actions that are usually not carried out consciously. However, of course, something like this must be proven first and if it is not proven, then they will still face legal challenges.

2. Can’t Differentiate Between Right and Wrong

Those who have mental disorders certainly will not have the ability to recognize good and bad. This lack of ability to judge things is what ultimately drives someone with mental health problems to impulsively do things beyond reason. If it is proven that he has a mental disorder, the person cannot accept legal challenges. due to the brain’s inability to work properly.

The most appropriate creative solutions for legal problems related to mental problems is to conduct therapy sessions and be given appropriate treatment so that the person no longer has the potential to do unreasonable things.