10 Best Bali Water Activities for Travelers

Bali is well known in various parts of the world as one of the beautiful islands and is visited by many foreign tourists in Indonesia. There are lots of tourist destinations and tourist activities that you can do while on holiday in Bali. One type of tourism that is most popular is Bali water activities.

Bali has a panorama of undeniable beauty. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset which are equally unforgettable. This is further complemented by the beauty of its beaches, most of which are white sand and clean.

These conditions make water activities or water sports in Bali an activity that should not be missed. One of the beaches that is famous for water sport in Bali is Tanjung Benoa Beach which is a paradise for lovers of water sport activities in Bali. What types of water activities can you do? The following is the review:

1. Flying Fish

This activity is very suitable for you to do together with your friends and family. This water activity will use a boat with a specially made design and materials that can accommodate at least 3 people.

One of the most unique things about the Flying Fish activity is the rubber boat which is filled with air and has a shape that resembles a stingray. You can enjoy the sensation of flying over the sea using a boat for about 10 minutes.

You can enjoy this beach ride for IDR 150,000 to IDR 400,000. This price is very affordable when compared to the unforgettable experience you can get.

2. Flyboards

Are you curious about the sensation of being able to fly over water with sophisticated equipment like the superhero Iron Man? You shouldn’t miss these Bali water activities which is very popular and much sought after by foreign and local tourists.

You can feel the sensation of flying over seawater with a device attached to your feet. You can enjoy this ride by paying a fee of IDR 500,000 to IDR 1,000,000 and floating on the water for duration of 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Banana Boat

This is one of the most common water activities found on famous beaches in Indonesia. The beaches in Bali are no exception, they also provide banana boat rides that you can enjoy with lots of other people, up to a total of 6 to 8 people at the same time.

This is the most popular and exciting activity because it is not too extreme and can be done by many people at once. You will be pulled by a speed boat at a fairly high speed, but you don’t need to worry because you will use a life vest and the speedboat controller is professional and understands which areas don’t have a lot of rocks.

4. Rolling Donuts

At first glance, this activity might be similar to Flying Fish and Banana Boat, which uses a speed boat to tow a rubber boat. It’s just that another sensation that you can feel is that its round shape resembles a donut, which will make you spin a lot when the rubber boat is pulled.

This boat can accommodate around 3 to 4 people which will add to your excitement playing Rolling Donuts with friends. This ride might be said to be relatively new and the fare is still affordable, namely around IDR 100,000 per person.

5. Parasailing

Still, the same as the water activity method discussed previously, this Parasailing water activity also uses a speedboat to pull a parachute above the sea surface.

Those of you who prefer activities that stimulate your adrenaline will be very suitable for this choice. You will be connected to a large parachute that can be used by 2 people at once and then will be pulled using a speed boat.

The speed and size of the parachute and the length of the rope will make you and your friends fly much higher and at a relatively high speed. You have to try this one for IDR 100,000.

6. Sea Walker

For those of you who have tried all the speed boat rides, you can try another sensation with the Sea Walker ride.

This is a popular and much sought-after sport. You will be placed in a shallow sea area with views of the sea full of coral reefs and cute fish.

You will use equipment that complies with safety standards, starting from helmets and oxygen cylinders. You can enjoy it for 45 minutes at a cost of around IDR 500,000 per person.

7. Wakeboarding

Back to the water rides by speed boat. This time it is an activity that is also extreme, namely Wakeboarding which allows you to use a surfboard and be pulled by a speed boat at high speed.

8. Snorkeling

This is one of the Bali water activities that is quite mainstream and you can also find it outside Bali. However, you still have to try the snorkeling activity, which of course will have a different atmosphere because this is in Bali, where the sea is very beautiful. The price ranges from IDR 300 to IDR 400,000 per person.

9. Scuba Diving

Next are water activities that require a little of your diving skills. Scuba diving will allow you to enjoy the underwater beauty that is like heaven.

However, you need to remember that you will need a license to be able to try this activity. You can try it by paying IDR 500,000.

10. Glass Bottom Boat on Pulau Penyu

This water activity is the newest and the best in Bali. You can now feel the sensation of seeing underwater beauty without having to go down into the water or look for a scuba license.

You only need to ride a boat whose bottom is transparent because it uses strong and clear glass. The price to try this activity is IDR 400,000 to IDR 800,000 with a capacity of 8 to 10 people.

These are some of the Bali water activities that you can choose while on holiday in Bali with friends or family. Enjoy the beauty of Bali as much as possible and I hope this review is useful.

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7 Music to Boost Your Mood Every Day

Do you like streaming music on Tubidy Mp3? Well, you’re on the right path. But, do you know that music is known to improve mood? Yes, as demonstrated in a study published by the Journal of Positive Psychology music indeed can boost mood. Based on the study found that upbeat music can improve mood and increase feelings of happiness within two weeks.

The World Journal of Psychiatry in another study found that music therapy can reduce depression and anxiety, thus improving mood, self-esteem, and quality of life. Now, you no longer have to wonder if many people enhance their mood with music.

This article will show you what kind of music can increase your mood and why music can boost your mood.

7 Types of Music

Here are 7 types of music that are suitable as a mood booster every day

1. Upbeat

Upbeat music refers to a type of music that has a fast tempo and energetic rhythm. The word “upbeat” in the context of music describes the character of music that has a high speed, vibrant rhythm, and tends to give a positive and energetic feeling. Upbeat music is often used to create an energetic and upbeat atmosphere.

Examples of songs that fall into the upbeat category include ‘Fire’ by BTS, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen, and more.

2. Music with Positive Lyrics

Music with positive lyrics can also boost your mood. This is like music that says in the song not to give up, to keep fighting for your dream, and so on.

An example of music that has positive lyrics is from Eminem – Lose Yourself, Eminem said in his song “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime you better.”

Also, another song from Eminem – Not Afraid, Eminem said in this song “We’ll walk this road together, through the storm. Whatever weather, cold or warm. Just letting you know that, you’re not alone.”

Or if you looking for a song that will help you to get strong after feeling hurt. You can hear a song by Ed Sheeran – Photograph, he said in this song “Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes. But it’s the only thing that I know. When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes. It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.”

3. Classical Music

Classical music, like compositions by Mozart or Beethoven, is believed by some to relieve stress and improve mood.

4. Reggae Music

Reggae music, known for its laid-back rhythms and positive messages, is often considered to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can look at the reggae music from famous reggae artists which as Bob Marley.

5. Acoustic

The natural sounds of instruments like acoustic guitar, cajon, and relaxed lyrics can give a feeling of peace and warmth. A lot of music has an acoustic version, you can search for it by typing the music title and adding acoustic at the end.

6. Jazz

Jazz, with its distinctive improvisation, can provide different moods, from relaxed to energetic. Examples of jazz songs you can enjoy are Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue, Fast Waller – Ain’t Misbehavin, and others.

7. Rock Music

Some people find that up-tempo rock music can provide a boost of energy and vigor. One of the rock songs that can add a sense of spirit is the song from Queen with the title We Will Rock You.

The Reason Why Music Can Suit Someone’s Mood

The reason why music can suit someone’s mood is:

Binding Emotions

The easiest way to see how music binds emotions is by looking at a person’s response when listening to it. This is because although emotions are felt by the heart, it is through the brain that the emotional stimulus will be communicated.

Other studies have also reported that music can stimulate emotions through specific brain circuits. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see people dancing, prancing, or getting upset when listening to music.

Bringing Back Memories

A lot of music causes people who listen to it to feel nostalgic. Apart from evoking memories, a song with special significance can also evoke the same emotions as in the past. It can also recall the years that happened when the song was released even though the song has no deep memories for the listener. Perhaps this is why some people get carried away when listening to certain songs.


In this case, if you listen to music at Tubidy Mp3 a lot, you will feel like music can significantly affects emotions. This is because neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to repair connections and find alternative pathways to memory, emotions, and physical systems such as speech. When the brain is damaged, it creates new pathways to keep functioning optimally. One way to do this is through music therapy.

Although it seems trivial, music can stimulate the brain to create new pathways as a repair effort. This was proven in a study conducted by the University of Newcastle, Australia. The study reported that popular music is often used to assist patients with brain damage. As a result, the music was able to connect the patient to memories that were previously inaccessible.

Improves Focus

Some people listen to music to improve focus. This is because music can activate, maintain, and improve one’s focus.

This was proven in a study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine. The study investigated the relationship between music and a person’s mind. As a result, the study argues that listening to music can help the brain anticipate activities and maintain better focus.

Listening to music can help individuals maintain focus during activities like workouts. When faced with fatigue, the tempo or optimistic lyrics can provide a sense of encouragement. that’s why some gyms use the sound of music with upbeat tones and lyrics to give them a sense of encouragement.

If you are looking for a platform that provides music and videos, one good option is Tubidy Mp3. This platform is quite friendly to mobile users. they even provide various categories of music types that you can choose according to your taste.

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10 Benefits of Rafting for Your Health

Many fun sports can be good for physical and mental health, one of which is rafting. The concept of this sport is an outdoor physical recreation activity done together. Not only fun and thrilling, Bali rafting Ubud turns out to be able to provide many health benefits for both your mental and physical health.

Let’s find out what are the benefits of rafting for your physical and mental health.

Get Health Benefits from Rafting Activities

When you’re rafting, you’ll be navigating a rugged river. This outdoor activity is done using an inflatable boat and in groups. Although quite challenging, there are many benefits of rafting for our health. You need to ensure some basic insights about rafting before starting this activity.

It takes quite a lot of preparation so that your rafting trip is safe and you can get the benefits. Wear appropriate clothing, wear a life jacket, and wear a safety helmet. There are quite a lot of risks involved in this outdoor activity so it needs adequate anticipation as well.

Benefits of Rafting for Health

Because of the thrill of the challenge, this outdoor activity is very popular. You can have fun while getting many health benefits. Let’s find out what are the health benefits of rafting in the points below:

1. Strengthens muscles

Besides being challenging, rafting will also test how physically strong you are. You need to paddle quickly using your upper body. Rowing multiple times can strengthen your muscles, especially in the shoulders, arms, and back. When facing the swift river current, then together against the strong current, your muscles will get stronger.

2. Good for heart health

Rafting has the same good effects on heart health as other types of cardiovascular exercise. When we are rafting, our body muscles will often be used to maintain balance. Rafting requires you to control the boat well while navigating the river so as not to go in the wrong direction and not capsize.

3. Train the body’s physical endurance

Do you want your physical endurance to improve? Then try this rafting sport that requires optimal strategy in navigating river currents. You will survive in extreme natural conditions that we cannot predict. Bali rafting Ubud requires you to pass through various obstacles such as river paths with many rocks.

Then when you fall, you may have to fight the current and swim to the inflatable boat. There are times when you just need to float on your back until you are assisted by a guide if you can’t swim well. All the activities you do in rafting will train your physical endurance well.

4. Burning calories

Many physical sports can burn calories optimally. But this sport is more fun and relaxing because it is done in nature, so naturally many people are interested in rafting. Because of the fun impression, many people don’t know that rafting is an outdoor physical activity that can burn calories well.

5. Train agility

When going down the river, rafting requires a lot of dexterity. You and your friends need to keep the rubber boat in a stable position when facing strong currents so that the boat does not capsize. You must also be alert to various unexpected situations. Rafting is a water sport that can train response, motor skills, and agility.

6. Trains you to fight your fears

If you want to try a challenging sport, you can consider rafting. Many people are initially afraid of doing this water sport. If you want to try to train your courage, then you can try rafting.

When rafting, you will get extraordinary sensations and experiences, especially in fighting fears. Whether it’s because you’re not good at swimming, afraid of falling, and other fears. The more often you do rafting, the better you will overcome your fear.

7. Relieves stress

Rafting is a blend of recreation, adventure, and sport. This activity is ideal for a wide age range. Rafting can nourish us physically as well as relieve stress. With this water sport, we will become more relaxed because of the recreational element in it. The natural scenery and freshwater splashes can also help clear our minds.

8. Trains concentration

The river that passes when we are rafting is a winding and rippling river. The extreme river path makes the players have to focus well to successfully pass the designated rafting path. If you lack concentration, you may fall or not be able to balance the boat properly. For you to successfully reach the finish point of rafting, you need good concentration.

9. Build communication and cooperation skills

You are not alone when rafting, in one rafting team there are several people, can be 4 people or more. Each participant will work together so that the rubber boat can successfully drive on the right track. Teamwork is needed so that the boat remains stable and does not capsize.

Therefore, rafting is an outdoor activity that can build good communication and cooperation skills.

10. Increase self-confidence

The last benefit of rafting is good for boosting self-confidence. We can agree that rafting is one of the extreme sports, rafting makes us go through river terrain that is not that easy to pass perfectly.

There are times when rafting makes us challenged and excited to do it. By successfully conquering the rafting route, it can also create satisfaction for ourselves. Those who have been rafting before will be interested to try it again.

Because they know that they are confident enough in their abilities and rafting has a lot of excitement that makes you addicted. The activity of rafting with friends will add to your zest for life and your confidence will increase.

Now you know that rafting has many benefits. Don’t forget to prepare well before starting your Bali rafting Ubud adventure.

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Best ATV Ride in Bali For Thrill-Seekers

There are many interesting tourist activities that you can do in Bali, maybe one of them is riding an ATV. The best ATV ride in Bali will make you feel a very exciting adventure experience and while riding ATV, you can explore beautiful places with amazing natural panoramas. So that you can enjoy this exciting adventure tour safely, check out the guide for beginners.

ATV Ride in Bali

You might think that this activity is only for professionals, but it’s completely safe even if you’re a beginner. This fun, exciting, and thrilling tour can make you feel a unique and unforgettable traveling experience in Bali.

The ATV ride will take visitors around various interesting places on a 4-wheeled motorcycle. ATVs are not ordinary motorbikes, these vehicles can go through any terrain. You will pass through challenging tracks and village areas. Beautiful scenery is one of the special points of this trip.

ATV Ride Tour Provided Equipment

In the ATV ride package, most of the facilities needed by each participant are already available. ATV tour provides equipment to support the comfort and safety of ATV riders, here are some of them:


Due to the extreme route, there is a possibility that participants could fall while riding ATVs/ quad bikes, although this is only a small possibility. It would be more dangerous if riders drank alcohol before starting the adventure. As a safety measure, each participant will be given a safety helmet.

Before starting the adventure, you can choose the helmet according to the size you need. Make sure you wear a helmet that is comfortable and safe to use. As a suggestion, you can use sunglasses to avoid sun exposure and prevent eye irritation due to dust and dirt.


The ATV ride adventure is even more exciting because it will pass through muddy, wet, and challenging routes. You might not want to wear your favorite shoes while riding an ATV. Therefore, the ATV tour package will provide special boots so that you are more prepared for adventure.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of these shoes, as the material is non-absorbent and thick. Your feet will be protected with these boots, rocks and tree branches will not hurt your feet.

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Experienced Instructors

Not all visitors understand what to prepare and do in this ATV adventure activity. Therefore, the riders will be guided by experienced instructors to prepare everything. They are used to conquering various kinds of tracks with this ATV.

The instructors will help you if it is difficult to pass certain tracks. They will also start the activity by warming up together. You need to do a simulation first which will be guided by the ATV instructor. You need to do a simulation so that you can avoid circumstances that you don’t want.

Pay attention to what the instructor suggests, such as how to ride properly and safely, how to get through extreme terrain, and so on.


Safer is better, therefore, most trusted ATV ride packages provide insurance to further ensure safety. With this insurance, it can maintain the safety of the participants should they experience an unwanted incident. Keep riding safely to ensure your best experience on this ATV ride adventure.

ATV Ride Guide for Beginners

Before you go on an ATV ride, there are a few things you need to remember or at least understand well to make your exploration more exciting and fun. Check out the guide below for those of you who want to have an unforgettable experience with the best ATV ride in Bali.

Use every recommended safety gear

Every ATV tour ride participant is required to wear safety equipment, boots, and a safety helmet. But you don’t need to prepare them from home, every safety gear is already provided in the ATV tour package. By wearing a helmet, your head will be better protected if you fall off the ATV or other such incidents. Your feet will also be protected from dirty mud and the heat of the engine with boots.

Learn basic riding techniques

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll probably find it easier to ride. But the only difference is the gear shift (reverse and forward), and how to accelerate. For ATVs, the accelerate button is on the left handlebar, while as we know, this button is on the right handlebar on motorcycles.

Before starting the ATV riding activity, the instructor will explain some basic techniques. You don’t need to worry because there will be a guide on how to ride the ATV for each route.

Avoid putting your feet down

The ATV tour path is a forest path that is different from the usual road traveled by motorcycles. Putting your feet down is quite fatal when riding an ATV, and what’s more when the vehicle is still running. To control your balance, try to tilt your body in the opposite direction when the ATV is tilting.

Don’t drink alcohol

Do not ride any vehicle including ATVs if you have previously consumed alcohol. Alcohol can lower your concentration while riding and you may not be able to control the ATV properly. Then in the end it can cause unwanted incidents.

Don’t forget to prepare a change of clothes

The ATV route will pass through muddy tracks and puddles that can get you dirty. After exploring the ATV route, you need to clean yourself up. That’s why you need to bring extra clothes. Most ATV tour packages will provide toiletries and shower access.

Whatever the instructor says, you need to follow it well so that your adventure can run smoothly. Throughout the adventure, each participant will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. Do not drive the ATV at too high a speed or ride recklessly to avoid going off track.

ATV ride tour is a very fun activity and you can feel the sensation of a thrilling adventure that you may have never felt before. You will explore the forest tracks with friends and you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Riding an ATV through the stunning landscapes of Bali is an unforgettable activity. It is a thrilling activity to explore Bali. Even if you are a beginner rider, you can still enjoy this adventure that offers several skill levels. Experienced instructors will ensure your fun and safety while experiencing the best ATV ride in Bali.

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Event Production: Plan Your Best Bali Adventure

An adventure on the island of Bali will feel incomplete if you don’t capture the precious and special moments there as well as possible. Instead of using your own devices, you can use event production in Bali to plan and capture these adventurous moments to make them something unforgettable.

There are several things that need to be prepared to get a quality event as well as the best documentation of your holiday adventure in Bali, which can be seen in the following article.

Plan Events And Trips In Bali With The Best Event Production Services

Whether you are adventuring alone or with your beloved partner or family, documentation is important to have because this moment will never happen again. Event production services not only provide services for documenting events, but also help in organizing them optimally.

Below are several stages that you need to pay attention to when planning events and trips in Bali so that you get the best experience:

1. Planning

Event production services will help you to plan events and trips in Bali optimally and perfectly within the specified time period. So that within that time, clients can get everything they need, namely organizing events according to their needs and having the best trip in Bali.

At this stage, it is important to carry out good communication between the client and the event production service so that the client’s wishes can be fulfilled properly. At this stage there are several things that event and travel production services must know, namely:

  • Available time
  • The type and purpose of the event you want to hold
  • Event and travel concept
  • Tourist destination
  • Desired travel style
  • Available cost budget
  • List of desired tourist, shopping and culinary itineraries

2. Organizing

Event production in Bali also help organize events according to event management needs. Organizing events is done from starting to organize events according to various purposes such as special events or travel.

Organizing events must have good detail and organization, for example from choosing a venue, catering services to designing the stage layout and choosing the desired entertainment.

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3. Implementation

Then the third stage is to carry out events and trips according to what the client desires. In this case, the event production service is responsible for organizing the event from start to finish so that it can run successfully.

So you are required to be able to minimize potential problems, carry out detailed inspections and have the skills to solve problems creatively. Apart from that, event production services are also responsible for managing events that are held in accordance with the stated objectives.

This includes holding events according to the concept and developing the concept according to the needs of the event when it is implemented.

Optimizing Your Bali Adventure with Quality Event and Travel Production Services

So that you can get satisfactory quality event and travel production services, you can at least choose the best quality services. This includes doing the following:

Professional and experienced

Professional and experienced event and travel production services generally have lots of ideas, references and the best creations to make every event they manage run as successful as expected.

Especially for the types of events held on the island of Bali, of course there will be more use of outdoor locations which can provide more interesting views and experiences for guests attending the event.

In organizing an event or events that have business objectives, it is very necessary to have a well-made and planned event concept. If your employees are unable to do it well, then just entrust all the event organizing needs needed to event production and travel services in Bali to make the event you want happen.

Best quality service

A good event and travel production service can definitely provide the best quality service. From choosing a venue according to the client’s wishes, event management and catering, there is good coordination with vendors to providing visual and audio techniques designed according to event needs. Ensure that the service team and crew are adequate to ensure the event production runs smoothly and successfully.

Professional production and event management team

Choose an event production service that has a reliable, experienced and professional production and management team. This can be seen from the service’s portfolio, where all types of events they manage can run successfully because they have the best concept, design and planning. The support of a reliable and professional team in their field will greatly determine the quality of the event held later.

Time management skills

Event and travel production services must also have the ability to organize and manage time as well as possible. The client just needs to inform the duration of time available for the service to manage in realizing the desired event production and trip.

Then the service will collaborate as a whole by creating a schedule for planning, organizing and implementation to be carried out by the team. Carrying out a good and correct event using assistance from event production and travel services in Bali will provide many benefits to you as the organizer.

So it is very important to be able to choose an event production service that can prioritize achieving the client’s wishes and event goals well in the services provided. So you can be sure that everything you want as the host can be communicated well to all the guests present, can reach more people and have a strong influence as expected.

Benefits of Using Event and Travel Production Services

Organizing an event and trip in Bali is not something that can be managed alone, especially if you want satisfactory results. Therefore, many people recommend using event production and travel services for your event organizing needs in Bali.

So what benefits can we get if we use event and travel production services?

  • Have more conceptualized events and trips by using the best ideas, references and creations to create satisfying events
  • The best vendor service with various vendors who have collaborated with event production services
  • Budget efficiency by using and managing the budget in an effective and well-organized manner
  • Quality time management so that events can be held effectively and efficiently
  • Anticipate unexpected things that could happen during the preparation, planning and implementation of the event

That’s a brief explanation about how to plan your adventure in Bali optimally by using quality and experienced event production in Bali.

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Discovering the Underwater World with Aquascape

The underwater world is always interesting to explore.  However, most people find it difficult when explore this underwater world.  But, don’t worry because you can now discover the underwater world at your fingertips, of course with an aquatic or aquascape hobby that is easy, fun, and can give you an underwater feel without having to dive into the ocean.

Aquascape is a type of aquatic and aquascape hobby that has attracted the attention of various groups.  Aquascape itself offers something that is not only beautiful but also about creativity and ideas.  This is an aquatic hobby that is quite fresh because you can bring the underwater world into your hands and of course, you can create the underwater world according to your imagination and creativity.

Tips Aquascaping for Beginners

Doing this hobby will certainly be quite difficult for those of you who are still beginners.  However, don’t worry because we will explain to you some quite useful things, which can be useful when you want to start your aquascape hobby.  Of course, you have to pay attention to some of the tips that we will share this time, especially for those of you who want to start your aquascape hobby and cover the underwater world with your hands.

Below we will explain to you some important tips for aquascaping that beginners can do.  Hopefully, this can be useful for you.


A tank or aquarium is a glass container that we will use to put all the media into it.  The sizes of these tanks vary depending on your budget or space to store them in your home.  The bigger the price, the more expensive it can be.

Substrate / Soil

Substrate / Soil is often classified as hardscape, but in this article, it is separated from this point so that it gets attention. There are various types of substrates, you can use sand, poor sand, small stones, or specially processed soil for growing flora in water.


A hardscape is an ornament that we usually use to complement and beautify an aquascape.  We can use various kinds of natural materials as hardscapes, such as stones, branches, roots, and artificial ornaments.


Flora are plants that we can plant in an aquascape, using flora will beautify and add a natural impression to your aquascape. This flora varies in type and level of difficulty.  For those of you who are beginners, I recommend using plants that are easier to maintain.


Meanwhile, Fauna are animals especially fish that we place in the aquascape.  Like flora, fauna also has its level of difficulty in maintaining and varies in price.


Another thing that is no less important is lights or lighting, In an aquascape this lighting is to help the chemical processes that occur in the tank;  photosynthetic flora. There are several levels of use of this light, but beginners can start with low/or medium lighting first.

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Apart from filtering ‘dirt’, the filter also provides a means for microbes to carry out the nitrification process or the decomposition of waste substances from living creatures in the tank, into substances that can be reused by flora and fauna.

Apart from that, the filter also provides “Flow” so that the water circulation in the tank is dynamic and continues to rotate. This flow is related to the distribution of nutrients to all parts of the tank.

What differentiates Aquascape from a regular aquarium is that the main concern is the development of aquatic plants. Meanwhile, the fish is only used as decoration.

Aquascape itself also has various types of concepts, and one of them is Iwagumi. Iwagumi, is an Aquascape concept that prioritizes rocks as decoration.

Aquascape is the art of caring for aquatic plants in an aquarium medium.  It is also said that aquascape is the art of caring for and regulating the level of water clarity so that plants and other biota such as ornamental fish can live.

To further support this aesthetic, you can also use stones, coral, wood, and ornamental fish to make it more attractive.

One thing to pay attention to here is the selection of ornamental fish.  Not all ornamental fish can be classified as fish that can live in an aquascape ecosystem.


The first ornamental fish is the Guppy Fish or Gupi. Guppies are one of the freshwater fish that are very popular throughout the world because they are strong and easy to adapt and breed.

Rasbora Galaxy

The second ornamental fish that can be kept in an aquascape ecosystem for beginners is the Rasbora Galaxy. This fish is agile and active so you will enjoy seeing it swimming. However, you need to be careful, place plants that are strong with waves or have strong stems, or make sure the roots of your aquascape plants are strong so that they are not easily damaged by these fish. The temperature of these fish is generally around 25 degrees with sufficient bright lighting.

Neon Tetra

Originating from South America, this bright blue fish combined with radiant red is one of the fish that fits perfectly in an aquascape ecosystem. However, it should be noted that this fish is quite sensitive and gets stressed easily. You need to regulate the water content so that there are no sudden changes in the temperature or acidity (pH). These fish also need to live in groups, so at least buy these fish in schools of 5-6. This fish is quite small, so it will be safe for the survival of your aquascape plants.

Cardinal Tetra

It is the same type and is the same as Tetra, but cardinal tetra is different from Neon Tetra.  Cardinal Tetra is characterized by the red color extending from the tail to the head, while the Neon Tetra is only partially red.

Apart from color, the Neon Tetra fish has a larger fin shape compared to the Cardinal Tetra whose upper fins look smaller.

These are some tips that we have compiled from The Aqua Advisor. These tips are for beginners who just want to start their aquascape hobby.  With aquascape, you can discover an extraordinary underwater world and make your home even more interesting.

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Tiktok: An Efficient Access for Daily Entertainment

Tiktok is a popular entertainment platform nowadays. Almost everyone can access Tiktok from their smartphone. In Tiktok, you can watch as many videos as you like and as many as you want. You can easily rewatch the video by download Tiktok video without watermark.

What Is Tiktok

Tiktok is a social media platform dedicated for people to creating, sharing, and watching short videos. The length of the video that can be created is from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds. This app is notable because it has high engagement and is very addictive for people. The key to its success is that many people freely access it and make their short videos without limitation.

Most people use Tiktok to feed their needs for entertainment since in Tiktok tons of content creators create and upload their videos regularly. Every user of Tiktok also makes a video and uploads it to share it with everyone in Tiktok. They can add many effects such as filters, background music, and stickers to their video. Not only that but people also can make videos together with other users by collaborating on content and making a split-screen duet video, so space limitations are no longer a problem.

Why Tiktok Is Efficient Daily Entertainment

Tiktok is an excellent and efficient daily entertainment for people. Almost everyone who has a smartphone and internet connection has seen a Tiktok video once. The Tiktok short video is suitable for daily doze entertainment for everyone. This is the reason why Tiktok video is popular daily entertainment for everyone:

1. Short Video Content 

One of the characteristics of Tiktok videos is typically short videos. The Tiktok video ranges from 15 seconds to a minute. This kind of length video which is a short one makes viewers easy to watch in small chunks of time, making it perfect entertainment during a short break during the day.

2. Wide Variety of Content 

Tiktok has a wide range of content as a result of the many content creators with their unique video types. The variety of content in Tiktok comes from funny skits and dance challenges to cooking tutorials and educational snippets. This wide variety of content allows Tiktok users to search and find content that suits their interests and moods. It is also ensuring there’s always something entertaining to watch.

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3. Algorithmic Feed 

Many platforms use algorithms to learn and provide users based on the user’s interest. Tiktok is not an exception in using algorithms. Tiktok’s algorithm is designed to learn your preferences and interests over time.

The data from your preference and interest is used to help curate the Tiktok video feed accordingly. It means that the more you use Tiktok, the more the Tiktok algorithm learns to personalized and engaging your content becomes, and with that, it can make it a tailored source of daily entertainment.

4. Creativity and Trends 

Tiktok encourages people’s creativity and trend participation. Because there are tons of content creators on Tiktok, many creative trends are born and suddenly spread rapidly. In Tiktok, Users often create their own versions of popular challenges and trends. It adds an element of interaction and engagement in Tiktok that keeps more viewers coming to watch and participate.

5. Compact Educational Video

In Tiktok, many Tiktok creators share practical live hacks and education about some trivia information. Tiktok users can find educational content in a fun and interesting manner. Tiktok can be a source of learning as well as entertainment whether it’s quick science facts or life hacks, so it also gives you some educational content while keeping you entertained.

6. Accessibility

Tiktok is very easy to access by everyone because it is available in the app store free for everyone. Because Tiktok is free to access it makes the Tiktok is accessible anytime and anywhere. People can watch Tiktok videos anytime and anywhere such as during commutes, breaks, or while waiting in line.

Tiktok is very easy to access, the only thing you need is internet access. Without internet access, you can’t connect the Tiktok and watch a short video from it. The only way to watch Tiktok videos without an internet connection is by download Tiktok video without watermark. By that, you can rewatch your favorite videos as many times as you like.   

7. Relatability

With a wide variety of content, many Tiktok creators are already making relatable and authentic content that might be related to the viewers. Tiktok can serve the right video that is related to the use of the smart Tiktok algorithm. it makes viewers feel a sense of connection and relatability for users and the video that they watch. This can make Tiktok content feel like a daily dose of interaction with friends.

8. Entertaining Music

Tiktok often features catchy music that becomes associated with popular trends and challenges. The catchy music and interesting song from any source is also Tiktok selling point where people can use the music in their videos to make their video is more fun and interesting.

9. Short Attention Span

In an era where attention spans are decreasing, Tiktok’s short-form content aligns well with people’s limited time and patience for longer videos or content.

10. Social Interaction Media

Without any doubt, Tiktok is a social media platform because it allows users to follow, like, comment, and share videos with friends. This social element gives Tiktok an interactive aspect to the entertainment experience where the users can communicate with the other user through comment, and gather an engagement through the follow and like.

Tiktok is a popular social media platform that is also a good source for daily entertainment. It can provide users with interesting short videos to satisfy their desire for daily entertainment with short and fun videos for free. It is also easy to access by everyone as long as they have a smartphone and internet connection.

To watch Tiktok videos in offline condition, people can also download Tiktok video without watermark. While Tiktok offers a daily entertainment dose for many users, it’s essential to use it in moderation and be mindful of screen time. As with any social media platform, balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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10 Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Keeping a cat may only be considered a hobby or just to pass the time. Do you know if it turns out that you can get far more benefits from that? What are the benefits that can be obtained?

The benefits that you can get include benefits in terms of your physical and mental health, especially for early childhood.

As a resident of Maryland who loves cats, you will need a lot of information related to how to care for cats and also the health benefits gained from it.

You can find many people who also love cats as pets, especially the Maine Coon which is very well known and loved in the Maryland area. You can exchange ideas and share information about how to properly care for Maine Coons.

Mental Health Benefits

Continuing the discussion regarding the benefits that can be obtained from keeping cats, the most interesting thing is the benefits for mental health. Why is this more important? It is because mental health is the root of everything.

We know that many physical ailments originate or are caused by an unhealthy mental state. Most are caused by stress and pressure that are unavoidable.

Surprisingly, it turns out that owning a cat can benefit your mental health, what are the benefits? Let’s see.

10 Mental Benefits of Owning a Cat

The following are 10 benefits of having a cat for mental health which are inspired when I visit to Mainecoonlover.club.

1. Reducing Stress

Stress is a mental disorder that many people in Maryland region experience. Caring for a cat can increase inner peace and fight the stress experienced. Usually when you have to divert your attention to other things then you will avoid thinking about negative things. Cleaning the cage and playing with your cat can distract you from unnecessary negativity.

The Maine Coon cat is a very cute and adorable type of big, hairy cat. Even though his body is big, his nature is not annoying, especially with his long tail, which makes him more excited and relieves stress.

2. Reduces Loneliness

Loneliness is something that many people worry about but it also affects many people in Maryland region. This is because many people basically prefer to live alone. Some people live alone not because they want but because of circumstances. In such conditions, there is nothing wrong with keeping a cat.

The worst period was during the pandemic that occurred several years ago. Where having a pet like a cat can really help get rid of loneliness. Taking care of a cat can keep you busier than long hours of gaming and headache because staring at the monitor for too long.

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3. Increase Dopamine

Dopamine is a hormone in the body whose role is to give pleasure to humans. Having a cat as a pet will increase the hormone dopamine in the body. So you could say the more often you play with the cat, the happier you will be.

Playing with pets like the Maine Coon cat in West Virginia can make owners feel good. The existence of an animal that looks independent because of its large size and large tail can amaze us. The long tail also adds a fun cute impression.

4. Risk of Heart Attack

Research shows that cat owners will have a 30% lower risk of having a heart attack than those who do not. Once again, this is the arena where pets can relieve stress and loneliness.

5. Feel Calm

Cats are not very active animals and instead seem indifferent to their owners. Many cats owner will certainly have the same opinion.

But that’s not a problem because this can actually make the owner feel calm and accompanied in the calm, not too noisy and clingy.

6. Not Feeling Lonely

Mental health tends to suffer if you feel lonely. You will easily daydream and tend to think negative things when alone.

When you have a cat as a pet, you will feel accompanied and have friends to chat with even though you live alone in Maryland region.

7. Autism Therapy

You may have heard that keeping a cat can be used for autism therapy. The nature of a calm cat can bring and influence the attitude of people with autism to be calm. Cats will tend to be passive when tame and feel comfortable sitting quietly on their lap, this is good for people with autism.

8. Reducing the Risk of Allergies

Again, a study states that it turns out that people who decide to keep cats in their homes will avoid the risk of developing allergies.

9. Empathy

Nurturing, caring for, and looking after your Maine Coon pet will significantly grow your sense of empathy and compassion. People who like to care for and prioritize goodness for other things will certainly have high empathy. They will not be harsh on cats and take good care of them and are healthy.

10. Making Happy

Cats that act cute and adorable will make you feel happy and sometimes laugh out loud. Even if you just watch the video it is also very helpful. You can easily find funny video compilations featuring cat behavior that is beyond reason and makes you laugh.

That’s a review of the benefits of raising a cat for mental health. If you are trying to deal with mental health, owning a cat might be a good start. That’s the end, hope this will benefit you in many ways.

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7 Reasons Why Bali Becomes Popular Destination

When it comes to tourism in Indonesia, one island stands out among the rest. With over 17,000 islands to choose from, Bali shines the brightest, attracting millions of visitors year after year. Its allure is undeniable, with its black sand beaches, thrilling surf, and captivating volcanic landscapes.

But what sets Bali apart from other tropical destinations? What makes tourists willing to pay good money to get a driver in Bali while enjoying the holidays?

In recognition of its charm and appeal, Bali has been crowned the most popular destination in the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2021. With a staggering number of over six million foreigners visiting the island in 2019 alone, it has become much more than just a tourist hotspot. Bali has woven itself into the hearts of both travelers and locals, becoming a place that many find hard to leave.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why Bali holds such a special place in the hearts of millions, read on to discover the enchantment and allure of this remarkable island paradise.

Reasons Why Bali Became Popular Destination

If you are thinking about visiting Bali but still in doubt, here’s what makes your decision firm.

Island of a Thousand Temples

Bali, known as the “Island of a Thousand Temples,” captivates visitors with its rich cultural heritage and stunning Hindu temples, locally referred to as Pura.

From the highlands to the coast, these temples can be found in both communal areas and family compounds, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the island’s spiritual atmosphere. Tanah Lot, Gunung Lebah, Ulun Danu, and Goa Lawah are just a few of the temples worth exploring during your Bali adventure. Remember to respect local traditions by wearing a traditional dress and carrying a sarong.

Bali’s Beautiful Beaches

One cannot overlook Bali’s magnificent beaches, which offer endless stretches of white sand and crystal-clear waters. With a coastline that seems to go on forever, Bali boasts numerous picturesque beaches that cater to every traveler’s desires.

Whether you’re seeking thrilling water sports or a serene sunbathing spot, Bali has it all. From the annual World Surf Championships held at Padang Padang in Uluwatu, attracting top surfers worldwide, to hidden, untouched beaches that offer the most stunning coastal gems, Bali’s beaches offer something for everyone. The sunset views on Bali’s beaches are a magical sight, drawing both locals and tourists alike to witness the awe-inspiring daily spectacle.

The Surf Spots

For surf enthusiasts, Bali is a paradise that offers incredible opportunities for both beginners and seasoned surfers. The island’s unique geography and concentrated surf spots make it a surfer’s dream destination. With the best swell and reef breaks occurring between July and August, Bali becomes a haven for surfers seeking the perfect wave.

Don’t miss iconic surf spots like Batu Bolong in Canggu, which caters to both beginners and pros with consistent waves over a submerged reef, and Uluwatu, a mystical location with various peaks and a breathtaking cliffside temple. For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, venture to Medewi, a hidden gem known for its long waves and peaceful surroundings.

Bali’s Cultural Sceneries

Bali’s cultural scene is as captivating as its natural beauty. The island pulsates with traditional ceremonies, vibrant festivals, and captivating arts performances.

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic Balinese music, witness mesmerizing traditional dance forms like the Barong or Legong, and marvel at the intricate craftsmanship displayed in the local art and architecture. Bali’s culture is alive and thriving, offering visitors a unique opportunity to engage with its rich heritage.

Luxurious Villas and Resorts

Bali’s evolving tourism landscape has welcomed luxury-seeking travelers, offering a wide array of world-class hotels, luxurious private villas, and prestigious beach clubs. Renowned hotel chains such as Le Meridian, Four Seasons, and Grand Hyatt have set up establishments in stunning beachfront locations, providing guests with breathtaking views and unparalleled comfort.

However, the most sought-after accommodation option in Bali is the private villa, with thousands of luxurious villas spread across the island. These secluded havens offer a more personalized and lavish experience, often accompanied by dedicated staff to cater to guests’ every need.

Let’s not forget the availability of a driver in Bali that can be hired anytime while you are enjoying your travel in Bali. With the driver’s availability, you will no longer be confused about where to go for your Bali vacation.

The Weather

The island’s favorable weather is another reason why Bali remains a popular destination. With its tropical climate, Bali enjoys ample sunshine throughout the year.

Bali’s weather with ample daylight and a tropical climate, ensures that beach lovers and sun seekers can enjoy an average of 12 to 13 hours of sunshine every day. The island’s pleasant climate creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation, where you can soak up the sun and indulge in your favorite outdoor activities.

Whether you’re lazing on the beach, exploring cultural sites, or embarking on outdoor adventures, you can expect pleasant temperatures and abundant daylight hours to make the most of your experiences.

The Food

Bali delights visitors with its incredible culinary offerings. From local street food to world-class dining experiences, the island tantalizes taste buds with its diverse flavors and vibrant food scene. Bali’s food is a delicious representation of Indonesian cuisine.

You can try dishes like Nasi Goreng, which is flavorful fried rice, or Babi Guling, a tasty roasted pig. Sate Lilit is a unique skewered meat dish with coconut and spices, while Bebek Betutu offers slow-cooked duck with aromatic flavors.

Don’t forget to taste Lawar, a vibrant salad, and Balinese satay, grilled meat on sticks. Bali’s food is a journey of tasty flavors that will make your taste buds happy and introduce you to the island’s culinary traditions.

Bottom Line

Bali’s magnetic appeal lies in its blend of spirituality, stunning natural landscapes, exhilarating activities, vibrant culture, luxurious offerings, good accommodation because of the availability of driver in Bali for hire, pleasant weather, and mouthwatering cuisine.

With its diverse array of attractions, Bali has rightfully earned its reputation as the most popular destination. So, whether you seek relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a memorable getaway, Bali promises to deliver an extraordinary experience that will leave you longing to return.

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10 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Workplace

Today, where earth has become hotter each year, creating an eco-friendly office is becoming increasingly important. An eco-friendly office just like what Korindo office has established, is not just about protecting the environment and earth, but it also bring many benefits to both businesses and also employees.

A comfortable and inviting workplace plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall success. By adopting green practices and making sustainable choices, you can transform your office into an environmentally friendly space.

In concern to what we’ve explained, we will explore ten effective tips to make your office more eco-friendly. So, let’s explore how you can create a more eco-friendly office with just a simple step.

How Eco-Friendly Office Differ from Regular Office?

An eco-friendly office differs from a regular office in several ways. Eco-friendly offices prioritize sustainability practices, including reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting recycling. They tend to use things that promote energy-efficient, like the energy-efficient lighting, smart thermostats, and renewable energy sources.

Waste reduction and recycling efforts are actively encouraged, and sustainable procurement practices are adopted. Indoor air quality is maintained through proper ventilation and the use of low-VOC materials.

Eco-friendly offices promote sustainable commuting options, engage employees in sustainability initiatives, and often incorporate green spaces within the office. Pursuing environmental certifications further showcases their commitment to sustainable practices. Overall, eco-friendly offices strive to minimize their environmental impact, prioritize employee well-being, and create a sustainable work environment.

How to Create Eco-Friendly Workplace?

Here’s 10 ways to make your office an eco-friendly workplace.

1. Reduce Paper Usage

Embrace digital documents and communication to significantly reduce paper usage in your office. Encourage employees to utilize email, cloud storage, and digital collaboration tools instead of printing and circulating physical copies. Provide training on efficient document management and the use of electronic signatures to further eliminate the need for paper.

2. Create Recycling Program

Establish a comprehensive recycling program in your office to ensure responsible waste disposal. Put recycle containers with clear labels all over the office for paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Inform employee of what may and cannot be recycled and provide guidelines on proper sorting. Consider partnering with recycling organizations or local facilities to ensure your recyclables are properly processed.

3. Engage Employees in Fun Sustainability Event

Foster a culture of sustainability by making it engaging and enjoyable for employees. Organize friendly competitions or challenges that encourage eco-friendly practices, such as reducing energy consumption or generating the least amount of waste. Offer incentives or rewards for participation and recognize individuals or teams that excel in sustainability efforts. Consider creating a sustainability committee or team to drive initiatives and involve employees in decision-making.

4. Go Renewable

Explore the use of renewable energy sources to power your office. Consider installing solar panels on the rooftop or utilizing wind energy through a local provider. Transitioning to renewable energy not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also lead to long-term cost savings on electricity bills. Research government incentives or grants that support renewable energy adoption in your area.

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5. Save Energy: Turn Off Electronics

Encourage employees to switch off computers, monitors, printers, and other electronics at the end of each day. Remind them to turn off lights in unoccupied areas and adjust thermostats to conserve energy when the office is empty. Consider installing timers or smart power strips that automatically cut power to devices outside of working hours.

6. Try Plants Office Decoration

You may copy what Korindo did to their office, such as using the plants to decorate the office. Introduce indoor plants to enhance the aesthetics and air quality of your office space. Plants not only create a calming and inviting atmosphere but also act as natural air purifiers, removing toxins and improving overall indoor air quality. Choose low-maintenance plant varieties that thrive in office environments and educate employees on their care.

7. Encourage Sustainable Transportation

Promote sustainable commuting options among employees to reduce the environmental impact of daily travel. Encourage walking or biking to work by providing bike racks and shower facilities. Offer incentives such as flexible work schedules, remote work options, or subsidies for public transportation passes. Consider organizing carpool programs or supporting ride-sharing services to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road.

8. Use Motion-Activated Lights

Increase energy efficiency by installing motion-activated light switches in areas where lights are frequently left on unintentionally. These switches use occupancy sensors to detect movement and automatically turn off lights when a room is unoccupied for a specified period. This ensures that lights are only on when needed, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

9. Foster Green Culture: Make Sustainability a Priority

Foster a sense of environmental responsibility by integrating sustainable practices into your company culture. Incorporate sustainability goals and initiatives into your mission statement or core values. Encourage employees to share ideas and suggestions for reducing the office’s environmental footprint. Provide education and training on eco-friendly practices, such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable procurement.

10. Let the Sun In: Maximize Natural Light

Take advantage of natural daylight to reduce reliance on artificial lighting. Open blinds or curtains during daylight hours to allow natural light to illuminate the workspace. This not only saves energy but also creates a more pleasant and productive working environment. If privacy or glare is a concern, consider using window films or blinds that allow diffused light to enter while maintaining comfort and privacy.

Eco-friendly workplace improvements are advantageous for your company, employees, and the environment. These straightforward suggestions can help you save money, lessen your influence on the environment, increase staff wellbeing, and work toward a more sustainable and healthy future.

You are making a significant step toward establishing an eco-friendly workplace that is consistent with your values and has a beneficial influence on the environment by making some little but significant adjustments just like what Korindo has established in their office. Together, let’s build a greener, more sustainable workplace.

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