5 Vacation Spots for Solo Travelers

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Vacationing and going to new places with family is fun. However, have you ever thought about doing solo travel? If you’ve never done it before, maybe you should try it once in a while to know the joys of taking a vacation on your own.

Well, speaking of your holiday, for those of you who are still confused about finding a fun place for solo traveling, maybe you can check out some of the places we have chosen. The places that will be given below are guaranteed to be fun and safe for solo traveling!

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Yes, it is feasible to go on a solitary safari, and it is incredibly gratifying. There are few better locations to rest and refresh than in the middle of Africa, with just hotel employees and wild animals to keep you company; also, several travel agencies offer cheap single extras.

Singita established two new facilities in Rwanda in 2019: Kataza House and Singita Kwitonda Lodge, both of which offer gorilla trekking adventures perfect for solo travelers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a company, it is said guests are separated into groups of eight (depending on their fitness ability) where guides then take them to hunt gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

Trekking permits cost $1,500 per person for each hike, and suites start at $1,950 per night.

To avoid the rainy season, visit from June to September or December 2022.

Drive the Golden Circle of Iceland

Golden Circle of Iceland

Because safety is a worry on solitary travels, you might as well plan a trip to Iceland, the world’s safest country. Fly into Reykjavik, then hire a car and go exploring. Iceland is ideal for lengthy, soul-searching drives—and if you go alone, you won’t have to disturb fellow passengers by stopping every five minutes to photograph glaciers and waterfalls.

The Ring Road (Route 1) provides access to the majority of the nation, but if you’re short on time, the Golden Circle route provides access to some of southern Iceland’s most popular attractions, including Geysir, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir.

The current price of gasoline in Iceland is $7.28 a gallon.

When to visit: Early May, before the summer throngs arrive.

Take A River Trip Around Europe

It’s difficult for lone travelers to take a cruise without first considering “single extras,” which are expenses charged to travelers who book a room meant to seat two or more people. Fortunately, the industry is becoming more flexible, with cruise lines of all sizes eliminating the dreaded surcharges.

Riviera River Cruises is one firm that caters particularly to solitary travelers, with a choice of route points and exclusive departures. What’s better? The cruise company has eliminated the dreaded single extra on six of its 2022 itineraries, which include visits to Burgundy, Paris, and Normandy, as well as Portugal’s Douro Valley.

Price range: $2,500-ish to $3,500-ish (varies based on trip)

March, November, or October are the best months to visit.

Bali, for The Peaceful Solo Traveler

Bali Place

The Buddhist practice of peacefully meditating extends back millennia, yet in the face of never-ending internet noise, the need for solitary thought is critical today. Several retreats across the world help tourists unwind, but Bali Silent Retreat is one of our favorites.

As the name implies, Bali is the retreat entails no talking or listening to music, only stillness and the sounds of nature (thus having a trip partner would be pointless). Nestled on the slopes of the holy Mount Batukaru volcano and also surrounded by jungle and rice fields, this is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to entirely disconnect—no phones or internet are permitted. Another advantage for lone travelers: lodging options include women-only dorms, single rooms, and private bungalows.

Price range: $40-$90 per night for housing; $37 for day passes (which include the cost of food and programs).

When to go: All year.

Utah Glamping

Utah Glamping

In well-known American areas such as Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone, Under Canvas is renowned for its safari-style tents. Lake Powell-Grand Staircase camp was added eventually by the brand to its arsenal in 2021, April to be precise, with expansive vistas of Utah’s slot canyons and red-rock formations. Each of the 50 tents has raised decks and individual toilets, as well as West Elm wood and leather furniture.

Prices start at $300-ish per night.

March through October is the best time to visit.

Take an Adventure Trip in Jordan

Jordan has all of the fascinating history, warm hospitality of its Middle Eastern neighbors, and complex archeology, but none of the unrest, making it a feasible option for solitary travelers. Rather than organizing every aspect of a journey to a new nation, sign up for the “Untold Jordan” tour provided by Flash Pack—a firm that specializes in high-end adventures for solitary travelers in their 30s and 40s. The eight-day tour’s highlights include float swimming in the Dead Sea, climbing the ancient city of Petra, and camel riding in the Wadi Rum Desert.

Starting at $2,500-ish

From September to October; March to June