Is It Allowed to Listen to Music on The Plane?

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It’s a common thing to do to listen to music while traveling to pass the time. Playing music on personal cell phones is what most people do. The playlists were chosen to uplift the mood.

However you are not allowed to continuously listen to music in public spaces with highest volume. Just ask yourself these questions.

Are you playing music loud enough? Is the music you play completely out of tune? Does the music you’re playing bother anyone else?

It’s a good idea to lower the level if you think you’ve played the music too loudly. Your music could offend some other people.

When you are listening to music, you should also be aware of your surroundings because there are some places where it is prohibited to listen to music, like in an airplane under certain circumstances.

Is It Allowed To Listen To Music On A Plane?

Yes it is allowed, but in some certain circumstances and restrictions. Read the following discussion to know the detail.

1. Don’t use the speakers

Some people may not be bothered by the music being played, but the others may do so since it will annoy other passengers. So if you want to listen to music, utilize headphones or earbuds.

2. Not during takeoff nor landing.

Why? Because takeoff and landing are two of the most hazardous times of a flight, crises can occur at any time, therefore the flight crew needs to make sure everyone is paying attention to instructions.

3. Use wired earphone

Many music players on the market now use Bluetooth technology, which is battery-powered.

You should bring a wired headset that can be used without turning on Bluetooth mode if you wish to continue listening to music during the travel in an airplane.

One of the prohibited actions is turning on Bluetooth while flying. In fact, several airlines forbid the use of any Bluetooth-enabled gadgets while flying.

Despite this, the Federal Aviation Administration recently decided to permit the use of Bluetooth gadgets like Air pods while flying. To feel secure and at ease, it will be more comfortable if you use wired earbuds.

There’s no need in untangling the cord as you’ll just be using the seat. In order to get a better night’s sleep, get a corded headset that can also suppress out noise.

4. Stay Alert

You are most likely not aware of your surroundings when you are listening to music. Additionally, you won’t pay attention to the on-board announcements. It is thus preferable to maintain the volume so that you can still hear any announcements made aboard the airplane.

So, at the very least, listen to the music while keeping your eyes open, and make sure the level isn’t too loud so you can hear the airplane announcements.

Is It Safe to Listen to Music on an Airplane?

According the information gathered from, it is not safe to wear earbuds to listen to music on a flight in a number of situations.

You are not permitted to use earbuds to listen to music during takeoff and landing, according to a number of sources. The intention is for all passengers to be aware, keeping in mind that the worst accidents often happen during landing and boarding.

You are still secure after boarding and before landing. Songs may be played, but only under the above mentioned restrictions and circumstances.

Things You Can’t Do and Bring on Airplane

Here are a few things that should never be done on an airplane for your reference in case you or someone you know has never been on one before.

Sleep During Takeoff Or Landing

The air pressure changes around the airplane more quickly than inside the ear when it ascends or falls. You may chew gum to balance off the strain.

This difference in air pressure might result in dizziness, mild hearing loss, eardrum damage, nosebleeds, or in the worst scenario, hearing loss, if you fall asleep.

Turning The Mobile Device On

Make sure your phone is off or in airplane mode before you take off. A critical issue that might affect airplane navigation systems is cell phone signal.

Bringing Weapons and Items Made of Gas

Passengers’ safety will be put in peril by explosives and firearms. The carrying of aerosols, spray paint, and other items containing gases is likewise prohibited for passengers on airplane.

Smoking On The Flight

Smoking is not permitted on board for passengers. The comfort of passengers and the operation of airplane will be hampered by cigarette smoke.


The ability to remain quiet and calm during the trip is required of all passengers. Ask the cabin crew for assistance as soon as you encounter an issue. Other passengers’ comfort would be disturbed if it is loud and noisy.